Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dimension Data Are Now Hiring

To anyone reading, Dimension Data is in the process of building up its security practise. At present we're looking for a senior penetration testers or pentesters looking to step up into a leadership role within a security practise.

You must be proficient with infrastructure penetration testing , web applications, code review. We're not interested in someone that can only do web applications only, you must be capable with almost any sort of technical challenge. Solid reverse engineering skills would be highly desirable as well (can you pull apart Java thick clients or Flash/Silverlight applications?). As you can see we're looking for someone with very broad yet very in-depth technical skills.

For this role it isn't sufficient to be a l33t h4x0r -- we're looking for someone who has excellent soft skills and a positive attitude to match (speaking for myself we've got a very strong, very positive team and maintaining that environment is something we really pride ourselves on). For this role we're looking someone who can act as a senior consultant and can also act as a thought leader and mentor for junior pentesters and can clearly articulate technical risk to the clients in terms they can relate to and place it within context.

This role is an important role within the practise and definitely not one that any pentester can fill. But if you think you have the right combination of technical and soft skills, please hit me up. Happy to have an informal chat first if you prefer.

Also, I cannot state with any certainty (as this is outside my realm) but Dimension Data do have a history of sponsoring work visas for the right people with the right skills. Given that the Melbourne market is quite tight at the moment I think there is a strong chance that we could sponsor the right person for this role. I would happily help drive this internally for the right person.

So if there are any experienced pentesters reading from overseas who'd like to work in Australia, hit me up! Send me a message via LinkedIn or Twitter  if you're interested, we'll go from there.

I haven't got a job advertisement handy but I'll see if I can find one and add it here.


- J.


Anonymous said...

Deeply technical in many things, soft-skills, reversing, there anything missing that you wouldn't need? :)

I poke fun, but wish you luck in your search!


Jarrod said...

Aye, that's actually spot on. That said it is a senior role and so naturally, it is what it is.

- J.