Monday, February 13, 2012


This is a farewell blog post. Although not the end of my blogging (I am not so easy to shut up as anyone that knows me will tell you) although it will be the end of this blog.

I'm at a point of realigning and reprioritising my work and lifestyle choices to better support my goals. For a long time now this blog has been neglected. I have been writing for CSO magazine which in many ways, achieves the same aims that I intended for this blog. I have also resigned from Dimension Data and as of this writing, today is my last day. I feel this step enables me to be truly independent in my consulting and being able to offer opinions and services that will enable me to serve my clients more effectively.

Similarly, I divert my energy into too many interests and activities and not all of them serve me. This blog is one example of that although I have plenty of other bad habits I am intending on stomping on. 2012 is my year for ass kicking and I intend on doing just that.

It is my intention to start a new blog at some point (YA RLY!), and I don't say that idly. However, I am not sure when as I have many other aims that I need to achieve first. Part of that is focusing more on my technical work as I've mentioned before. Similarly my MBA is on hold for the moment as I haven't been able to give it the due attention and respect it deserves. I've certainly enjoyed it and I know I will finish it - but a man cannot serve to many masters. So right now, I am stripping everything in my life back to the essentials and focusing on what I love, doing what I love, in the manner consistent with how I think it should be done.

When I first started learning MMA, my old coach taught me that the way you fight is to always push forward, never go backwards. So that's what I'm doing - fighting for what I want and always pushing forward.

Life is too short. And one thing I've learned is that anything we truly want in life is definitely worth fighting for.

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Best wishes,

- J.