Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Ruxcon paper has been accepted


Just a quick update to post that my talk for Ruxcon 2010 has been accepted. For anyone unfamiliar with Ruxcon, it is the premier technical security conference in Australia. For more information click here.

I've been to Ruxcon for several years now, going back to 2004. I can honestly say that depth of the content, value for money and international standing when compared to other conferences, it is unparallelled. The fact it is in my home town of Melbourne this year is just a bonus.

For anyone who has heard of this conference, thinking of going yet undecided, or never been but curious - I strongly urge you to attend. In particular, if you are a security consultant, penetration tester or security manager/security lead within an organisation, I strongly urge you to attend my talk as I think you will come away with something new.


- J.


Anonymous said...

Grats! What is your submission on?

Jarrod said...

I hinted at it enough... ;) You'll find out.