Sunday, July 25, 2010

AU Government Censors Document On Planned Web Snooping

I'll just send you to the Slashdot article as it has it all there and I'm getting ready for Black Hat/Defcon.

Just in time for the impending federal election...

Best quote:

"Online users' lobby group Electronic Frontiers Australia spokesman Colin Jacobs said what was released was "a joke".
"We have to assume the worst," he said. "And that is that the government has been badgering the telcos with very aggressive demands that should worry everybody."
Emphasis mine.

- J.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope that document ends up on wikileaks :)

Krishna said...

Just listening through the "Buzz out loud" podcast and looks like this DEFCON was a watershed year for web security.

Any thoughts? I think its getting more and more difficult to grok all the technology and counter-measures that go into online security.


Jarrod said...

I will post in BH/Defcon shortly... :)

- J.