Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dark clouds on the AusCERT presentation

At this stage, I don't know if I will be presenting at AusCERT due to funding issues (bugger!). Which is a shame because I've done a lot of research onto cloud security which I'm now trying to figure out what to do with it!

I'm still undecided what to do as of yet - but I'm thinking of presenting some of it at AISA, OWASP or for DD clients at a minimum (it is Dimension Data content) after all. But I do know that everyone I've spoken to about this content is keen to start hearing more about it. I had one person at least suggest I should ask AusCERT directly (my presentation is not yet polished however and I missed the cutoff dates back in December as I'd only just really thought of presenting).

If anyone has any good ideas on cloud security and forums in which I can talk about it - be it to security professionals or other IT architects and CIO/management types, I'm open to suggestions.


- J.

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