Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Looks like I'll be speaking at AusCERT

Hi again,

Just a quick update, I'm about to start working on a presentation for AusCERT in 2010. I have a couple of ideas for talks that I think would be of interest to a few people - both security professionals and those that are security conscious.

Given that I now work for a vendor (don't hold that against me!) that is a major sponsor, whether I apply through the normal submission process or use our vendor slot, I don't know for sure but I can say that there's a good change that I will be presenting at the next AusCERT.

(The other reason I make this post is so that I back myself into a corner conveniently and I don't let myself get out easy if I get strapped for time or too busy with other commitmetns. So if you read this, don't let me off the hook!).

- J.

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