Friday, June 26, 2009

Web filters to censor video games

Unbelievable. The Government keeps changing its story!.

To summarise the current sequence of events:
- The Federal Government proposes Internet filtering.
- The Federal Government does not consult relevant industry groups or subject matter experts.
- The Federal Government does not clearly define scope (and in fact changes it constantly - first child pornography, then porn, then inappropriate content, then BitTorrent/P2P, now gaming).
- All discussions of testing have collapsed, all without a tier 1 ISP (in other words, nothing close to a representative sample).
- Any exposure of the blacklist will result in fines.

Seriously this sounds like an IT project going horribly wrong. I find it amusing yet sad... I don't know if this initiative will go anywhere. Despite their intent on setting themselves up 'Big Brother', thankfully, the entire initiative sounds like it is well and truly failing. Then again, it seems the Government can argue it is a roaring success without any success criteria. :(

- J.


Sergicles said...

Never underestimate the collective power of retards! It makes me sad, angry and scared, very scared, all at the same time.

Lack of experience, scope, clear requirements, proper testing... Yet everything is hunky f'n dory in land of unicorns and leprechauns, or wherever senator Conroy thinks he is.

Parting thoughts:
This shit would not fly in Soviet Russia!

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